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Presenter Sermon Title Date Page Link Sermon Link Summary
Anna Hankins Vulnerability and Faith 2018-01-14
Shirley Rickett TBA 2018-01-07
Rachel Alvarez The New Year: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 2017-12-31
Laurie Ruiz Christmas Eve: A Special Evening Service 6:30 PM!!! 2017-12-24 Join us on Christmas Eve for our annual night-time service of music, readings, and the sharing of Christmas cookies. This will take place at 6:30 p.m., in lieu of the morning service.
Carolyn Nieland Visioning 2017-12-17 Carolyn will share some of her vision for our fellowship and our grounds, and will encourage congregants to consider their own vision as we move into the new year and consider our many types of contributions to UUFHC.
Vanna Waldron Beloved Community as a Spiritual Practice 2017-12-10
Doug Trenfield TBA 2017-12-03
Michael Mandrell Music and Spirituality 2017-11-26 Michael's Music Samples Michael, an acoustic guitar artist and singer/songwriter, is originally from Houston but now resides in Portland, Oregon. He will be joining us for our service, during which he will perform music, lead congregational songs, and chants, and will present a talk called "Music & Spirituality." We are looking forward to welcoming this guest musician and speaker to our fellowship!
Marissa Carranza-Hernandez TBA 2017-11-12
Carolyn Nieland Reflections on Veterans Day 2017-11-05
Elise Grizzell Creating Powerful Social Change Movements 2017-10-29 Elise will discuss mental frameworks for creating systemic social change, moving away from rhetorical radicalism.
Anna Hankins Rooting Social Justice in Solidarity 2017-10-22 Anna will present on how we sometimes miss the mark when we seek to help others because we fail to listen to them and understand their needs. She'll draw on personal experience as a public health volunteer in East Africa. It is Anna's hope that the sermon will inspire individuals to bring a reflective eye to the ways they seek to serve others and motivate members to strengthen communities through collaboration.
Doug Trenfield Stories and Memories 2017-10-15 Doug will discuss the role stories play in making us who we are, as individuals and as a society. Often, our memories will differ from the "real" story-- what implications can this discrepancy have?
Rachel Corsi Combating Hate with Love 2017-10-08
Rachel Alvarez TBD 2017-10-01
Laurie Ruiz Finding a Balance, a Fall Equinox-inspired Sermon 2017-09-24
Marisa Hernandez TBD 2017-09-17
Laurie Ruiz Local History, including Santa Ana 2017-09-10
Elizabeth Hutchison Labor Day 2017-09-03
Rachel Alvarez TBD 2017-06-25
Shirley Rickett Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning: A Love Story 2017-06-18 Shirley will share the story of two woofers and lovers, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning.
Jennifer Harbury Political Upheaval and Torture in Central America 2017-06-11 Special guest speaker, Jennifer Harbury, will discuss her experiences working in Central America amidst political upheaval.
Laurie Ruiz Meditation and Self -healing 2017-06-04
Shirley Rickett Memorial Day 2017-05-28 Shirley will share reflections on Memorial Day.
Liz Hutchison Flower Ceremony 2017-04-30 The Flower Ceremony is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought. Please make plans to bring a flower to share that day. Liz Hutchison will discuss the history of the UU Flower Ceremony, including the life and contributions of Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Carolyn Nieland Fascism 2017-04-23 Carolyn will be sharing a UUA sermon about fascism.
Shirley Rickett The Poetry Project 2017-04-16 In our annual Poetry Project Sunday, Shirley will guide us as members and friends share a favorite poem with the congregation.
Nick Braune The Philosophy of Civil Disobedience: From Socrates to Standing Rock 2017-04-09 Nick will explore the concept of civil disobedience over time.
Doug Trenfield Hope 2017-04-02 Doug will explore the concept of hope. What is hope? How do we experience hope? Also, during the Time for All Ages, we will be having a naming and dedication ceremony for Natalie Alvarez.
Laurie Ruiz Reflections on UUFHC 2017-03-26 Laurie will invite us to recall favorite memories and moments of our experiences with UUFHC. Please make plans to stay after the service for our annual meeting.
Ciara Ayala LUPE Membership 2017-03-19 Ciara Ayala, will present a brief history of La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), current programs and projects, and ways in which to get involved and support the work. This presentation will teach about some injustices of the history of this region, show victories that have been won through democracy and organizing, and invite people to continue in the fight for social justice today.
Thomas D'Adamo The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights 2017-03-12 The Young Center Homepage Thomas D'Adamo, volunteer coordinator of the Young Center's Harlingen location, will present to the fellowship regarding issues of immigration and opportunities to engage in this social justice cause here in the RGV.
Cristy Vega A Presentation from our UUFHC Treasurer 2017-03-05 Cristy will present to us some reflections from the treasurer's perspective on where we stand and where we are headed as we move into a new fiscal year.
Perla Mujeres Unidas 2017-02-26
Doug Trenfield Politics in the Pulpit 2017-02-19 Doug will explore the extent to which we, as UUs, can and/or should express political beliefs. The nuances of political advocacy and social justice will be discussed.
Shirley Rickett A Love Story with a Possible Dark Side 2017-02-12 Some poems, some background on the Romantic Period in literature and the story of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, lovers who eloped despite Elizabeth's tyrannical father.
Marcia Nelson Visioning 2017-02-05 Marcia Nelson will present on visioning and will also conduct a visioning workshop after the service. We, as a congregation, will be invited to consider our vision for this fellowship.
Virginia Dickinson A Presentation on China and Chinese New Year 2017-01-29
Cristy Vega "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"? 2017-01-22 Cristy will explore the complexities of the concept of loving the sinner while hating the sin.
Liz Hutchinson Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr. 's Birthday 2017-01-15 Liz will reflect and share her own experiences with the Civil Rights movement in relation to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Doug Trenfield rUUts: The LGBTQ Community in UUism 2017-01-08 Doug will discuss the history of the LGBTQ community within UUism.
Virginia Dickinson Candles 2017-01-01 Virginia will explore the significance of candles in various holidays and celebrations.
Laurie Ruiz Christmas Eve Service 2016-12-24 In lieu of a service on Christmas Day, Laurie will lead us in our annual Christmas Eve service on Saturday evening, December 24. Come enjoy singing your favorite Christmas carols! Also, being a batch of cookies to share.
Doug Hinchcliffe Relationship, Not Religion 2016-12-18 A full and complete life requires relationships that come about through the sharing of our personal stories.
Shirley Rickett December 7, 1941 2016-12-11 Shirley will share a memoir regarding her personal experiences surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor, as we honor the 75th anniversary of this day of infamy.
Liz Hutchinson UU Martyrs 2016-12-04
Rachel Udow Our 7th Principle: The Interconnected Web 2016-11-27
Rachel Alvarez Stone Soup Sunday/Guest at your Table 2016-11-20 Please join us for our 2nd Annual Stone Soup Sunday. We will recreate the fable of Stone Soup, while recognizing the importance of community. After the service, we will come together for a Soup luncheon/Thanksgiving potluck meal while enjoying each other's company. We will also contribute to the UUSC's Guest at your Table collection to help those in need.
TBA Honoring Veterans Day 2016-11-13
Doug Trenfield Paper or Plastic? 2016-11-06 Doug will share his thoughts regarding the difficulty of determining what is "right." Sometimes, a seemingly simple issue can lead to various complex issues which must be considered from different angles in order to formulate an informed decision.
Laurie Ruiz and Shirley Rickett Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead 2016-10-30 We will have an altar on display to honor our loved ones who have passed away. We invite all members and friends to bring a photo or other item (favorite food, drink, hobby, etc.) to represent those we have lost. There will be time for the sharing of stories and memories.
Shirley Rickett “Identity of a Religious Liberal” 2016-10-23
Don Vacek This I Believe 2016-10-16
Laurie Ruiz TBD 2016-10-09
Cristy Vega This I Believe 2016-10-02
Rachel Udow The 7th Principle 2016-09-25
Rachel Alvarez Reflections of a New Mom 2016-09-18
Cristy Vega September 11th 2016-09-11
Cristy Vega Labor Day 2016-09-04
Laurie Ruiz TBD 2016-08-28
Barbara Hill, Ali Fjerstad, and Danny Vela A Presentation on Honduran Refugees 2016-08-21 "Earlier this year, we went on a RightsAction trip to Honduras, met the family of the murdered environmental activist Berta Caceres there, saw how Canadian mining companies are decimating the indigenous people and their lands there, and the US complicity in all this bringing Honduran refugees our way." -Barbara
Doug Trenfield 6th Principe - The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all 2016-08-14
JoAnn Friedman How the spirit can be damaged and ways to move toward healing 2016-08-07
Nick Braune Labor and Alienation 2016-07-17
Doug Trenfield Patriotism and Pacifism 2016-07-10
Laurie Ruiz Are you Waiting for Godot? 2016-07-03
Shirley Rickett Our 5th Principle: Democracy and Conscience 2016-06-26 Seven Principles Series: 5th Principle
Rachel Udow, Pam Muñoz, Amie Rankin Women in Song: Songwriting and the Spiritual Journey 2016-06-19 For this sermon/presentation, three local female songwriters will each offer a brief reflection on the relationship between songwriting and their respective spiritual journeys and share some of their original music.
Rachel Alvarez rUUts: Transcendentalism 2016-06-12
Doug Trenfield Ramadan and Tolerance 2016-06-05
Ashley Hummel Communicative Action Theory and Compassion 2016-05-29 Seven Principles Series: A discussion of the philosophy of Jürgen Habermas and the teachings of the His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, as they relate to our 4th Principle.
Stephen Merino TBD 2016-05-22
TBD TBD 2016-05-15
Doug Trenfield Our Third Principle: Encouragement of Spiritual Growth 2016-04-10
Shirley Rickett The Poetry Project 2016-04-03 Shirley will facilitate this annual tradition. Please bring along a favorite poem to read aloud and share with our congregation.
Steve Merino TBD 2016-03-27
Serena TBD 2016-03-20
Laurie Ruiz Our Second Principle: Justice, Equity, and Compassion 2016-03-13
Paul Abramson This I Believe 2016-03-06
Doug Trenfield Race and Whiteness 2016-02-28 Doug will discuss issues of race and color.
Ashley Hummel TBD 2016-02-21
Carolyn Nieland Rastafarianism 2016-02-14 Carolyn will present on Rastafarians of Jamaica, Rastafarian religion and their influence on music, beginning with hip-hop.
Rachel Udow Beginning in the midst of the hard movement: Sustaining our fellowship within, among, and beyond. 2016-02-07 Rachel Udow will address not only the bottom line of UUFHC's financials, but also the broader topic of why we pledge-- what are our hopes and dreams for our fellowship and community, and what will it take to get there?
Rachel Alvarez Our First Principle: Inherent Worth and Dignity 2016-01-31 This presentation will begin a new cycle of our Seven Principles series, with our First Principle: The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person.
Joanne Friedman Spiritual Journeys 2016-01-24
Shirley Rickett Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr 2016-01-17
Laurie Ruiz TBD 2016-01-10
Shirley Rickett Long Strange Trip, Part II 2015-12-13 Part II of "Long Strange Trip" will survey the trail of liberal religious thought through the first 4 centuries, the creation of the Nicene Creed, and briefly to the 14th century. There will be a Part III, which will cover the life of Michael Servetus.
Doug Trenfieldd Water Communion 2015-12-06 Please bring water from a special location and join us in celebrating the UU Water Communion.
Rachel Alvarez Stone Soup 2015-11-29
Dale Matthews UUFHC Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 2015-11-22
Ashley Hummel Faith in Action: Emily Greene Balch 2015-11-15 This continuation of the "Exploring our rUUts" sermon series will focus on the life and work of Emily Greene Balch, a Unitarian who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946.
Don Vacek Parallel Sayings: Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu 2015-11-08
Shirley Rickett and Carolyn Nieland Day of the Dead 2015-11-01 Please bring a photograph or other token for out Day of the Dead altar.
Shirley Rickett The Long Strange Trip 2015-10-25 A sermon in the rUUts series, the roots, origins of Unitarian Universalism.
Laurie Ruiz TBA 2015-10-18
Doug Trenfield The Other Side of the Pond 2015-10-11 A sermon by Jan Carlsson-Bull of New York's All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
Christopher Nelson rUUts: Ralph Waldo Emerson 2015-10-04 The life, writings, philosophy, and peculiar legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
Stephen Merino Exploring our rUUts 2015-09-27
Laurie Ruiz Be Careful What You Wish For 2015-09-20 A look at the reasons for, and unexpected results of searching for your ancestors
Doug Trenfield What I Choose to Believe and What I Really Believe 2015-09-13
Stephen Merino Labor Day Reflections on Low-Wage Workers and Our UU Values 2015-09-06
Ashley Hodgson Enhancing your spiritual practice with symbolism 2015-08-23
Rachel Alvarez Finding My UU Identity 2015-08-16 Rachel will discuss her Jewish and Catholic heritage, and reconciling them with the diverse beliefs of our UU community.
Laurie Ruiz TBA 2015-08-09
Nick Braune Dignity of Labor 2015-08-02 Nick Braune will be presenting some of his research on the labor movement in the United States, arguing that labor must recover its own sense of dignity and worth.
Stephen Merino The Pale Blue Dot and Human Origins 2015-07-26 In a follow-up to his sermon, "The Pale Blue Dot and Human (In)significance", Stephen will discuss human evolution and the interconnectedness of life on Earth.
Liz Hutchison Good Riddance! 2015-07-19 Reflections on the Confederate flag and Civil Rights.
Ashley Hodgson TBA 2015-07-12
Steve Brooks Born Again Pagan 2015-06-28 Pagans have gotten a bum rap. The worship of nature is our oldest spiritual impulse, and these days, it might be just what we need to save our planet from ourselves. Steve Brooks, a songwriter from Austin, Tx, talks and sings about the Wiccan and Native American paths, and how he found out he was a Born-Again Pagan. Learn about the real old-time religion, and help God get in touch with His feminine side.
Doug Trenfield Standing on the Side of Love II 2015-06-21
Lenny Friedman Musical Improvisation 2015-06-07 Lenny Friedman, retired professor and musician, will take us through a musical experience in the time reserved for sermons on June 7th. Come and enjoy something special, interesting, and moving. After the service, Shirley Rickett will serve a light lunch and read a few poems from her new book, Transplant. Her other books will also be available for a free-offering to UUFHC.
Doug Trenfield Why are we here? 2015-05-31
Stephen Merino Pale Blue Dot 2 2015-05-24
Ashley Hodgson Flower Communion 2015-05-17 The flower communion is a celebration of our diversity. Everyone is asked to bring a flower from their garden, the roadside, or a meaningful place, to place on the altar.
Zach Ruiz Magic and the Spread of Religion 2015-05-10
Shirley Rickett Poets, Art, and Activism 2015-05-03 Activist poets write and march and protest for many of the same reasons UUs embrace the seven principals. When is a poem political? When is it Art? Can it be both? What about the work of activist poets? Is it a rant, or does it aspire to art? This is a discussion, a journey, a sometimes agonizing path for poet Shirley Rickett.
Ashley Hodgson Book Burning and Banning 2015-04-26 Thoughts about National Library Workers' Day and the importance of books--even the bad ones.
Rev. Chuck Freeman A Noble Harvest for Organized Justice in Texas 2015-04-19 In the late 1880’s the lives of Rev. James Billings and his wife Mary were fully immersed in promoting Universalism in Texas. They founded the Universalist Convention in Texas and All Souls Church in Hico. They lamented that people took “much more pains to support their partial, cruel, and sorrow producing faith, while we do much less to support this most blessed faith.” They warned that “organized error will outdistance unorganized truth every time.” However, they firmly believed that “we have a grand future before us for a noble harvest in Texas.” The Texas UU Justice Ministry is here to fulfill this promise!
Emily P Growing up UU: It's UUnique! 2015-04-12
Shirley Rickett Poetry Sunday 2015-04-05 Bring your favorite poem to read! Please select a poem that has moved you, or that you learned in school, or found recently. The Robert Pinsky Poetry Project promotes the reading and enjoyment of poems by noted, published poets. If you have a short poem you've written yourself, you might read it after the poem by a favorite poet, but this is an exception, and not an encouragement for people to write and read their own poems. That would be a wholly different project.
Ashley Hodgson Religious Vocabulary: A Personal Narrative 2015-03-29
Carolyn Nieland Labyrinth Talk & Maybe Walk 2015-03-22 The walk part of this service will depend on the weather.
Laurie Ruiz TBA 2015-03-15
Stephen Merino The Pale Blue Dot and Human (In)signifigance 2015-03-08
Doug Trenfield TBA 2015-03-08
Doug Trenfield Are We All Hollow Prufrocks? Or Can We Lead Important Lives? 2015-02-22
TBA TBA 2015-02-08
Ashley Hodgson Ragnarok and the Death of Reason 2015-02-01 In this sermon, Ashley will give a metaphorical evaluation of the Norse end-times mythology.
Rev. Dr. Ruth Gnagey Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? 2015-01-25 Imbedded in the platitude “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is a warning that it only appears greener. Let’s consider the possibility that, indeed, the grass is greener and perhaps more nutritious. How might religious seekers refute this old saying and demonstrate it as positive theological advice? Rev. Dr. Ruth Gnagey and Dr. Bill Gnagey return to our pulpit on January 25 to explore this notion.
Shirley Rickett Us and Them 2015-01-18 Writers use literary devices to develop a short story, poem, or novel. Flannery O’Conner was a major writer of the 20th century during her short life. She was from the south and wrote about people living in the south. The device, point of view, is one of the most important considerations for any writer. O’Conner had an uncanny sense of point of view. She seemed to go into the head of a character and show how the character’s mind works and how, in this case, Mrs. Shortley, thinks. I will be reading an excerpt from “The Displaced Person” and the listener can help decide what makes her tick … and us.
Steve Brooks TBA 2015-01-11 TBA
Sister Pam Buganski Catholic Social Teaching 2015-01-04 Sister Pam will approach the subject of Catholic social teaching from her experience at the South Texas Human Rights center and other social justice work, such as ministering to the homeless.
Ashley Hodgson Sustainable Spirituality 2014-12-28 Seven Principles Series: The 7th Principle
Steve Merino Why We Celebrate: A Reflection on the Season 2014-12-21 A reflection on Winter and its many holidays.
Christopher Nelson Nietzsche's Jesus and the True Meanings of Christmas 2014-12-14 Apropos our entrance into what for many is the "Christmas season," a presentation of one of the more interesting alternative portraits of Jesus
Rachel Udow Work and Rest: The Rhythym of Our Lives 2014-12-10 A sermon by Cathy Bowers
Shirley Rickett December 7th, 1941 2014-12-07 TBA
Rachel Udow A Grant Writer's Guide to the 6th Principle 2014-11-30 Seven Principles Series: Principle 6
Emily Pfleiderer TBA 2014-11-23
Doug Trenfield TBA 2014-11-16 Reverence -- why? Rituals -- which ones? Common quandaries of UU-ism
Rachel Trenfield TBA 2014-11-09 The Eightfold Path Series: Part 2
Ashley Hodgson Life Finds a Way 2014-11-02 This sermon will look at death mythology and the celebration of our ancestors. Congregants are welcome to bring a photo of a deceased relative to place on the altar.
Shirley Rickett TBA 2014-10-26 Seven Principles Series: Fifth Principle
Stephen Merino TBA 2014-10-19 TBA
Stephen Merino Finding meaning in the death of loved ones: What's a UU to do? 2014-10-05 The death of a loved one forces us to confront difficult questions. How do we make sense of such loss? How much should we mourn? What do our loved ones leave behind and how to we honor them? In this sermon, Steve Merino will explore these questions and reflect on his own recent loss.
Rachel Trenfield Sources of Our Faith 2014-09-28 Seven Principles Series: The Fourth Principle
Emily Pfleiderer Immigration Take 2: An Update on the Influx 2014-09-21
Doug Trenfield Ethics and Rhetoric: Marketing Your Faith Without Sinking to the Squalor 2014-09-14
Ashley Hodgson CAUTION: Road Paved with Good Intentions 2014-09-07 This sermon covers the history and evolution of the modern prison system, with a focus on American prisons. We know what is wrong with the system today, but do we know how we got here, and more importantly, why? Can we avoid making the same mistakes as our predecessors?
Shirley Rickett A Brief Exploration of the Origins and Struggles of Labor 2014-08-31 A service for Labor Day
Laurie Ruiz TBA 2014-08-24 Seven Principles Series: The Third Principle
Rachel Udow Care of the Soul 2014-08-17 A sermon by Wayne B. Arneson
Rachel Trenfield TBA 2014-08-10 Rachel will begin a sermon series on the Eightfold Path. More information to come
Emily Pfleiderer Musings on the current Central American Refugee Crisis 2014-08-03 Link Why is this humanitarian crisis relevant to us? What is at stake? Why do some people seem to hate Central American children, when it is so easy for us to welcome them with open arms? I will draw upon recent news articles, my personal experience, and The Rightous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt.
Steve Merino Our second UU principle: A struggle for justice and compassion 2014-07-27 The second UU principle, simply stated as “justice, equity and compassion in human relations,” follows naturally from the first and represents a powerful call to action. In this sermon, we will explore this call to action, and what it means for both our everyday social interactions as well as the longer pursuit of social justice and equality in the broader society.
Rachel Udow, Laurie Ruiz, Ashley Hodgson What Makes UU? 2014-07-20 An interactive Sunday- members are asked to bring something to share. It can be a song, a favorite poem, a craft or snack you made, a dance, a secret talent, or anything at all that is part of what makes you who you are. During the usual sermon time, we will share a bit of ourselves and get to know each other better.
Shirley Rickett How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy 2014-07-13 Climate change may be denied by some (“Business as Usual”, acknowledged by others(“The Great Turning”), and feared by many (“The Great Unraveling”). Wherever one happens to be with these three stories of our time, author Joanna Macy gives hope and a sane way to face whatever our future may hold. This sermon will lean heavily on the writings of Joanna Macy,PhD, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology.
Doug Trenfield To Stand on the Side of Love 2014-07-06
JoAnn Friedman The First Principle and Its Evil Twin 2014-06-29 Link Seven Principles Series: The First Principle
Christopher Nelson Luxury, Fever, and War 2014-06-22 Plato pretty much nailed it, when he said that any society that predicates its existence on the perpetuation of the pursuit of luxury is 'doomed' to interminable war.
Rachel Trenfield The Delicate Art of Forgiveness 2014-06-15 A guide to forgiving yourself and others.
Ashley Hodgson A UU Sumbel 2014-06-08 During this service, we will come together in an ancient drinking ritual, the Sumbel. Ashley has modified the rite for Unitarian Universalism; during Sumbel we create a sacred space to share what is meaningful to each of us in our search for truth and meaning. We will have three rounds: 1. Toasts to your pantheon, totem, or spiritual teachers 2. Toasts of gratitude 3. Open-ended There will be a non-alcoholic option for those who choose not to partake of beer.
Shirley Rickett No, Virginia, There is No Superman 2014-06-01 What is meant when we say the words "education" and "reform?" The meaning of to "get an education" has evolved in the last 30 to 40 years, and free public education for all, one of our most revered institutions is in crisis. The word "reform" has come to mean taking taxpayer dollars and handing it over to profit-making corporations who run charter schools. Slick, so-called documentaries and NBC series like Education Nation have given the pulpit to politicians and billionaires. Teachers and voices like Diane Ravitch, education historian and scholar, have been left out.
Doug Trenfield Who We Are: An Intro to The Seven Principles Series 2014-05-25 Once a month, roughly, for the following seven months, someone from our congregation will present on one of the seven Principles. In this sermon, Doug will provide an overview of these Principles -- their history, their place in his life, and a brief review.
Nick Braune How Eric Fromm’s Humanist Social Psychology Draws from Jewish Tradition 2014-05-18 One interpretation of the future, Messianic time. In reaction against the repressive 1950s (with its McCarthyism, Jim Crow racism, and the "Organization Man" mentality) psychoanalyst and humanist Erich Fromm revisited the concept of Jewish Messianism, a hope for a new era of freedom and flourishing. This presentation will argue that this "messianic hope" may be an important, clear and fruitful concept for our troubled world.
Ashley Hodgson On Living Faith 2014-05-11 A personal reflection on the more confusing aspects of defining your own faith and how to live according to your beliefs when those beliefs are unclear.
Rachel Trenfield Flower Celebration 2014-05-04 Visit Celebrating the Flower Celebration for more information
Rachel Udow Holocaust Remembrance 2014-04-27
Doug Trenfield To Begin Again 2014-04-20
Steve Merino Roots hold me close, wings set me free 2014-04-13
All Speakers Invited Poetry Sunday 2014-04-06 Please bring your favorite poem(s)
Christopher Nelson The Noumenal Realm 2014-03-30 An inquiry into the viability, and the promise, of religious pluralism
Ruth and Bill Gnagey I Believe, Ergo, I Act 2014-03-23 It is a challenging effort to build a sound theology or philosophy based on sustainable beliefs.

This is a sermon encouraging folks to review their positions on theological and philosophical matters.
Ashley Hodgson Creation Myths as a Reflection on Springtime 2014-03-16
Roger Parks Evolutionary Spirituality--Becoming Co-creators of the Cosmos 2014-03-09
Roger Parks The Big History Story of the Cosmos 2014-03-02
Ashley Hodgson Initiation, Separation, Transformation, and Return 2014-02-23
Rachel Trenfield On the Art of Giving 2014-02-16
Rev. Dr. Ruth and Dr. William Gnagey Recalculating Your GPS 2014-02-09 Some users of the GPS technology acquire a smug attitude toward “getting there.” We’ve seen the same assurance in folks who take a dogmatic approach to philosophy, theology and human rights. Recalculating your personal GPS can be an exciting venture.

Ruth Gnagey will preach and Bill Gnagey will share his wisdom through a parable.
Chuck Freeman Texas UU Justice 2014-02-02
Jenny Chamberlain UUs and Mormons: A discussion of common values 2014-01-26
Jean Braithwaite Atheist Ambivalences, Part II 2014-01-19
Steve Merino To Be Announced 2014-01-12
Rachel Udow To Be Announced 2014-01-05
Jean Braithwaite Atheist Ambivalences, Part I 2013-12-29
Shirley Rickett The Unitarian Who Saved Christmas 2013-12-22 Janet Wood discusses how the birth story of the Christ child evolved into two stories in modern celebrations: The biblical story of a sacred birth of one who would become Christian Savior of the world and the other story, one of rebirth and redemption: Charles Dickens immortal tale, "A Christmas Carol."
Christopher Nelson The Roots of Compassion 2013-12-15 In this service, Christopher will discuss Arthur Schopenhauer's assessment of the human condition — how pessimism breeds compassion.
Melissa Garcia Hope Family Health Center 2013-12-08 Melissa Garcia from the Hope Family Health Center in Mcallen will tell us about her organization, its mission, and its services for low-income Valley residents.
Steve Merino Co-Creating the Holidays 2013-12-01 In this sermon by Rev. Lisa M.S. Friedman, we explore the lessons of the various religious and cultural holidays that occur at this time of the year.
Carolyn Burke Thanksgiving 2013-11-24
Shirley Rickett Poetry - Details to be Announced 2013-11-17
Nick Braune Death Penalty - Details to be Announced 2013-11-10
Rosalina Rodriquez Mujeres Unidas - Details to be Announced 2013-11-03
Laurie Ruiz The Benefits of Membership - What's in it for Me? 2013-10-27
Ashley Jones Sacraments and Spiritual Nutrition 2013-10-20 A discussion of what communion means to the non-believer and the ‘simply spiritual’ members of humanity.
Shirley Rickett Unities and the Essential Self 2013-10-13 Using sources from Stephen Hawking, Kabir Helminski and Leslie Ulman: What is Spiritual Presence? What is the Essential Self and how do we get it? Why do schools of fish and flocks of birds turn as one with no apparent leader? Who or what is your spiritual guide?
Steve Merino Is there a UU perspective on death? 2013-10-06
To Be Announced To Be Announced 2013-09-29
Rachel Udow Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace and UU Principles 2013-09-29 October 1, an important date in the health reform timeline, is right around the corner! This presentation will offer a UU-oriented overview of the new Health Insurance Marketplace and related resources available in the Rio Grande Valley.
Jean Braithwaite How to Meditate and Why 2013-09-22 Jean's adventures in meditation
Debby Hutchins Hospitality as a Moral Virtue 2013-09-15
Sam Bass Aspects of "Soul" 2013-09-08
Worship Committee Thoughts on Labor Day 2013-09-01
Joann Friedman Class and Church 2013-08-25
Shirley Rickett A Readers’ Theatre on the question: Is there evil in the world? (The UUFHC Players) 2013-08-18
Steve Merino Unitarian Universalists and Religious Identity 2013-08-11 Do we sometimes define Unitarian Universalism by describing what it is not? What would it mean to construct a positive, meaningful religious identity as Unitarian Universalists? In this service we will explore these questions and more.
Nick Braune Medieval Virtues 2013-08-04
Ashley Jones Initiation, Separation, Transformation & Return 2013-07-28
Jean Braithwaite Moral Foundations 2013-07-21
Laurie Ruiz My Life Has Been a Tapestry 2013-07-14
Rachel Udow Search of a Community of Memory 2013-07-07
Charlie Rickett Holy Questions and Irreverent Gods: Can the Sacred be Named? 2013-06-30
Joann Friedman When Good Meets Evil: What Tips the Balance? 2013-06-23
Shirley Rickett The ACA Journey – Spirit, Courage, and Wisdom 2013-06-16
Steve Merino Torture Awareness Month 2013-06-09 June is Torture Awareness Month. We will be joining congregations all over the United States in dedicating ourselves to increasing awareness about torture and working toward its end. In this service, we will explore UU, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teachings and values regarding torture and the treatment of human beings.
Victor Davila Justice 2013-06-02
Chris Nelson Dear Tucker 2013-05-26
Steve Merino Moment of Truth 2013-05-19
Carolyn Burke / Gloria Kelm This I Believe 2013-05-12
Bob Fowler Is Happiness the Point of Living? 2013-05-05
Nick Braune Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System 2013-04-28
Steve Merino My Religious Journey 2013-04-21
UUFHC Musicians and Choir All Music Sunday 2013-04-14
Shirley Rickett Holocaust Sunday 2013-04-07
Mary Reinsmoen Easter Sunday Program 2013-03-31
Gordon Syms To Be Announced 2013-03-24
Carolyn Burke Tolerance of UUism 2013-03-17
Mike Seifert of Equal Voice Between a Rock and a Hard Spot -- Our Border Community and the Immigrant 2013-03-10 Mike will talk about the face of the immigrant, the fear that makes her an enemy of the state – and how we stand in the midst of it all.
Bob Fowler OR Jerald Hughes * Is Happiness the Point of Living? OR Music Program 2013-03-03
Steve Merino Can We Achieve a Multiracial Unitarian Universalism 2013-03-03
Ruben Cavazos Self Awareness 2013-02-24 What is self awareness, and what are some of its values and benefits.

Ruben will talk about how our thinking is affected by being or not being aware.

He will explain how meditation is natural and, along with contemplation, can be effective tools to help develop self awareness.

He will talk about what mediation is, how to mediate and how meditation is being used today in new ways, to train solders for combat and treat mental illness.
Jacob Schneider The God Gene 2013-02-17 The term "God gene" was introduced in a 2004 book of the same title by Dean Hamer, a National Institutes of Health Cancer Biologist.

The search for evidence of divine origins, the propensity of religion, or the nature of mystic and transcendent experiences has been a curiosity through the ages. How and why these various phenomena occur have filled the pages of many philosophers', theologians', psychologists', and most recently neuroscientists' books.

This sermon will briefly discuss the basis of Dean Hamer's claim for the God gene, and further discuss the brain's role in processing these phenomena.
Mary Dunckel "What You See" or "In the Pupil of the Eye", an Endless Heaven 2013-02-10 This sermon defines and relates the UU Faith to Hinduism and to the human needs common to our society
Mary Dunckel In the Pupil of the Eye, An Endless Heaven 2013-02-10 Link
Steve Merino What it Means for UUs to be “Religious” 2013-02-03
Hugh Wallace The Structure of Religious Language 2013-01-27
Shirley Rickett A Paradigm Shift for Unitarian Universalism: A Reflection 2013-01-27
Carolyn Burke Standing on the Side of Love 2013-01-20
Victor Davila On Being a Volunteer 2013-01-13
Gloria Kelm Water Ceremony 2013-01-06
Steve Merino A Place for Jesus? 2012-12-30
Laurie Ruiz Christmas Musical Program - 7:00 PM 2012-12-24
Church Musicians Holiday Season Readings and Music 2012-12-23
Ruben Cavazos Explore Possible Answers to Common Questions 2012-12-16 In a "this I believe fashion" we will explore some possible answers to several questions. Why are we here? What is the purpose for existing? Are there natural reasons and explanations for everything, for all human experience and existence? Why are there so many different religions? Why they all can be reasonable.
Dale Matthews How my Career & Retirement Impacted my Spirituality - To be Verified 2012-12-09
Antonia Harter Native American Spirituality 2012-12-02 This presentation is an overview of Creation Mythology among various indigenous peoples of the Americas.

This is also a discussion of spirituality and “religion” in the lives of North American indigenous people and how belief systems still affect the daily lives for those who still practice the “old ways”.

There will also be a review of how the United States Government, in collusion with many “Christian” denominations, attempted to remove native culture and recreate a new culture among native children in schools set up exclusively for native children.

Jane Galbraith Doctrine of Discovery 2012-11-25 The Doctrine of Discovery is a 16th century doctrine resulting from papal bulls that gave permission to Europeans to wage war on any non-Christians they may find in the New World, enslave those native people, and confiscate their lands.

We are probably aware of the horrific impact on indigenous people caused by the "conquest" of the New World by Europeans. But what we may not realize is that the Doctrine of Discovery is still being used as legal justification for certain policies and practices of the U.S. government toward indigenous people.

Jane will trace the role of the Doctrine of Discovery in the courts, and the recent action of Unitarian Universalists in Phoenix, repudiating this doctrine.
Carolyn Burke Guest at Your Table 2012-11-18
Hector Guzman Texas Civil Rights Project 2012-11-11
Bob Fowler Day of the Dead Memorial Service 2012-11-04
Bob Fowler Day of the Dead Memorial Service 2012-11-04 Link
Hugh Wallace Avoiding the Trap of Religious Certainty 2012-10-28
Mujeres Unidas Mujeres Unidas, Women Together 2012-10-21 A representative from the local organization talks about what they do to help women in crisis in the Rio Grande Valley.
Shirley Rickett Transformation Poetry 2012-10-14 Bring your favorite poetry to read
Bob Fowler Blessing of the Animals Service 2012-10-07 Bob is preparing a Blessing of the Animals ritual, when Coyote (the trickster deity of the American South West) shows up and questions why humans bless animals.

Coyote ends up teaching Bob a thing or two about spirituality and humility.
Bob Fowler Blessing of the Animals 2012-10-07 Link
Sam Bass The New Paganism 2012-09-30
Stephen Merino The symbolism and spirituality of trees 2012-09-23
Carolyn Burke Mirror of the Soul 2012-09-16
Ruth Wessling TBD 2012-09-09 Sermon Not Confirmed
Nick Braune Labor Day Sermon 2012-09-02
Bob Fowler Is Religion Necessary Today? 2012-08-26 Bob Fowler tries to answer the question "is religion necessary today." He thinks he is doing pretty well at giving an answer, until Coyote (a trickster-diety of the American South West) shows up and sets Bob straight about the true nature and function of religion. There may be an opportunity for discussion following the sermon.
Gloria Kelm We Would Be One 2012-08-19
Gloria Kelm National Religious Campaign Against Torture -- Video on Solitary Confinement 2012-08-12
Hugh Wallace War on Sex 2012-08-05
Victor Davila TBD 2012-07-29
Gloria Kelm The Struggle to Forgive 2012-07-22
Hugh Wallace Yesterday's Experience and Today's Rituals 2012-07-15 How our past experiences find expression in our current rituals and behaviors.
Gloria Kelm The Language of Reverence 2012-07-08
Richard Coronado Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: Patriotism or Propaganda? 2012-07-01 It’s not too difficult to understand how countries like Iran, China, and, especially, North Korea indoctrinate their populations: through the education system, through media, and through other means.

In this country, we consider ourselves free and even “exceptional,” but to what extent are Americans as indoctrinated as any other people in any other country?

This talk will examine the social constructs that might limit social and political freedom in the name of patriotism, a unique variation of patriotism, one that promotes loyalty over dissent, obedience above criticism. In a climate where that variation of patriotism dominates, we may find ourselves in a situation where the more we proudly fight for freedom, the less freedom there is to fight for.

Richard is a Professor of English at Texas College
Carolyn Burke Why You Should Not Be a UU 2012-06-24
Ruben Cavazos TBD 2012-06-17
Mary Dunckel What's Broken is Brilliant 2012-06-10
Sam Bass TBD 2012-06-03
Rachel Udow Healing Through the Dark Emotions 2012-05-27
Hugh Wallace Elements of Religious Consciousness 2012-05-20
Gloria Kelm Why is Peace So Hard? 2012-05-13
Carolyn Burke Tolerance of Unitarian-Universalism 2012-05-06
Bob Fowler It Shouldn't be so Hard to Talk About Spirituality 2012-04-29 It seems that UUs often have trouble describing their most intimate and personal religious or spiritual approaches to life. Non-UUs assume that we mean all kinds of stuff we don’t really mean when we talk about religion, faith, spirituality, worship, and so forth. Bob Fowler has tried to explain his own spiritual inclinations to people, only to be totally misunderstood. So, in this sermon, Bob tries out a different approach. He compares spirituality with the love of music, and spiritual practices with musical disciplines, and a spiritual talent with a talent for music. There is good music, and there is bad music; there is also good spirituality and bad spirituality. Bob hopes that this comparison between music and spirituality will illuminate the nature of spirituality, and might even provide us insights into spiritual realities. It also might provide us a way to talk with other people about our most precious and private religious beliefs and inclinations.
Nick Braune False Confessions (Earth Day) 2012-04-22 America incarcerates its population at a higher rate than any other country. And ninety percent of those people incarcerated have either plea bargained or confessed their way into prison. True, many guilty people have confessed, but there is a dirty secret too ... many innocent people have also confessed. This is a terrible injustice and it has greatly been caused by the way police interrogate suspects. Nick Braune is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at South Texas College. He will explore some shocking recent research on this matter.
Nick Braune False Confessions 2012-04-22 Link
Noreen Graf Prayer and Disabilities - Conversations with God 2012-04-15 Link
Bob Fowler Jesus, David Hume, & Coyote Talk About Miracles 2012-04-08 Link
Jane Galbraith Universalist Women in History 2012-04-01 Link