Meditation on Refugee Crisis


Unitarian Universalists often refer to ourselves as “People of Faith,” but we want to be clear that faith does not mean religion or theology.  We are many religions within our Fellowship, and here today are many religions gathered.  There are also many who do not subscribe to religion; there may be many who denounce it.


That is OK.


Our struggle here is not about faith in a god.  It is about faith in humanity; it is about faith in ourselves, that we may unite our strength to do what is right. It is about faith in each other.


And so we are gathered In hope, in love, in faith.




We are gathered here today a free people.  We gather in protest because we are free. We gather in prayer or meditation because we are free.  We gather in solidarity because we are free.


May we be blessed with the understanding of that freedom.


So often we say, “The weight of responsibility,” or “The burden we share,” and we forget that our shoulders are light, unbowed, unburdened by the worst of this world.  Our problems are small, insignificant in the face of the culture of violence that has so many fleeing to our borders.


They flee to freedom.


Those who have braved the journey here would love to be worried about such trivialities as we worry about.  They risk countless dangers to share what we call a burden.


That being freedom.


Freedom from violence, freedom to speak, freedom to go to a school that is safe.

What stands in their way?


There is no border to stand in their way, for borders can be crossed.


There are only people who would stop them.  We, the people, who now hold tremendous power over the future of these, our brothers and sisters.


Let us not abuse that power.  Let us instead embrace our fellow humans.  Let us shelter them in our freedom.




Often we forget that many of us did not work for this freedom we share.  We did not earn it.  Many of us are free by the miracle of our birth.  We just so happened to be born citizens of the United States.


These children: did their mothers not labor?  Was their birth not miraculous?  Any one of us could have been born into the same circumstances.  Natural citizenship is the great cosmic accident.  These could be our children.


These children could be you.


What will we teach our children?


Let us teach them to love one another, to be generous, to be gracious.


Let us lead by example.


Let us show the world that no one is free until everyone is free.